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As of 1st October 2014, BDG Associates Limited formally ceased trading following the retirement of the founders and owners, Richard and Margaret Cluley.

Details of Margaret's work can be found here
Outline of Margaret's life here

Support work has all been transferred to competent replacements - in the case of Gold-Vision this is Esteiro

The main tasks being undertaken by Richard at the moment are:

 the development of a CRM system for charities integrated with an Accounts system. This is called FREDPlus - Free Relationships for Enterprise Database. Developers who would like to share in this exciting project are invited to get in touch

the running of Woodpecker Acoustics - a professional sound engineering facility offering professional grade PA, Sound Reinforcement, Live Recording and re-mixing services

Richard is still available for consultancy projects where they can be handled with the commitments he has already entered into. If you have any projects that you would like Richard to handle please contact by Email