Woodpecker Acoustics


Woodpecker Acoustics is committed to providing Live Multitrack Recording and effective Sound Reinforement or P.A. that enhances the performance that the performers have worked so hard to perfect.

Based in Cheshire with easy access to the road network, Woodpecker Acoustics is able to provide services to all parts of the UK with ease. Services have been provided for customers based all over the UK but especially in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, the North West and Midlands.
Top quality equipment installed and managed by experienced people gives the performers peace of mind that their efforts are being heard by the audience and allows them to concentrate on giving their best performance.
The equipment is chosen from a very wide range of  manufacturers and that used on your event will be that selected as most appropriate for the event, its location and the audience. It is not our practice to to use a bigger system that necessary (artificially increasing costs) but at the same time we will ensure that the system supplied has the capacity and flexibility to meet all of your declared requirements.

We are accustomed to dealing with all types of venue:
  • small and intimate club
  • full size concert auditorium
  • marquees and tentage
  • outside venues

There are special deals and packages available for newer bands just embarking on their performing career

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Woodpecker Acoustics only use the best :
db audiotechnik      DigiCo   Shure   AKG Sennheiser   Rode Microphones   iZotope