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Richard's French Horn

When I was a teenager I played the French Horn with the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra including making a recording with the orchestra. The photograph at the head of the Facebook page linked here is from the record sleeve. You can just make me out as the Fisrt Horn player (longish gingery hair in those days!)
As I was not following a career in Music I was decided not to tour with the orchestra in the October of my Upper Sixth so I had to leave and hand back my loaned French Horn
In March 2018 I eventually returned to the French Horn, buying and excellent second hand Willson from Tony Halstead

Regular practice is obviously the key and I have a long way to go but here are some tracks of my first attempts:
Aura Lee Listen 
Can you Feel The Love Tonight Listen 
Arthur's Theme Listen 
Piccolo Quartetto by A Belloli -
I play all four horn parts
As Time Goes By Listen 
Let Us Bread Bread Together Listen 
God Rest Ye Merry Listen 
Silent Night Listen 
Woodpecker Acoustics only use the best :
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