Woodpecker Acoustics


Sound Reinforcement and Recording for Theatrical Productions
If you are planning a theatrical production (play, review, musical, opera, etc), sound reinforcement is a very tricky area requiring a considerable depth of experience as well as raft of skills. On top of all that it is important that the correct equipment, suitable to the venue and the event is used

You need to be sure that the engineer fully understands the production and what you are trying to achieve in it. Getting sound out to the whole audience that is both correctly balanced and as natural as possible is fundamental to most types of production and yet this is probably the most difficult thing to achieve. At the same time all of the performers need to be fully confident in the sound team allowing them to concentrate on their best performance.

With experience in large and small auditoria as well as outdoor and marquee based events, Woodpecker Acoustics is a safe pair of hands for your performance. For musical events we always appreciate access to a score and some understanding of the dynamics anticipated so that we can help with achieving the desired the artistic impact without unnecessary dependence on compressors and limiters, the unfettered use of which is spoiling a lot of broadcast performances.

Woodpecker Acoustics only use the best :
db audiotechnik      DigiCo   Shure   AKG Sennheiser   Rode Microphones   iZotope